16 Unique Photo Booth Ideas for Your Wedding

Every bride knows that in order to throw an Instagrammable wedding, she needs an Insta-worthy photo booth. If you’re tying the knot and aren’t sure how to get seriously awesome wedding photos from your friends and family, look no further than these unique photo booth ideas. Venture beyond the traditional banner and garland backdrop and think: a vintage VW bus, floating picture frames or a rowboat photo booth. Whatever your wedding theme and venue, check out these 16 unique photo booth ideas to help inspire your own.

1. Vintage VW Bus: For the bride who loves a little retro flair, turn a vintage VW bus into a full-on photo booth. Add marquee lights, stenciled art and fresh flowers for a truly unique setup.

2. Bright and Bold Lace:  You can’t get more romantic than flowers and lace — which *totally* works, since your big day should be all about LOVE. Dress up plain wooden frames with bright, patterned lace fabrics and floral garlands for a delightfully modern bohemian vibe.

3. Hanging Frames: Set up only the most *magical* photo booth ever for your outdoor wedding by hanging frames from a tree. Spruce it up by adding beautiful, vibrant bouquets. Keep it in budget by repurposing your bridesmaids’ bouquets.

4. Paper Flowers: Use your DIY skills to whip up a batch of paper flowers and create an entire backdrop around it, like this couple did. You’ll be left with a *pretty* charming result.

5. Barn Doors: Bring that romantic barnyard wedding you’ve always dreamed of to life — even if your venue isn’t necessarily a barn. All you’ll need is a set of giant barn doors with flowers and greenery for this feminine-meets-rustic look.

6. Boat: Tying the knot around a nautical theme? Then make sure your wedding features a rowboat photo booth. Add a few more nautical accents like rope, a boat’s wheel and a lantern here and there to complete the look.

7. Organic Green Foliage: Channel ethereal woodland vibes with this backdrop made entirely of green foliage. Give it a touch of glam with gilded words that are meaningful to you and your partner.

8. Window: You’ll be channeling Romeo and Juliet with this balcony backdrop inspired by Shakespeare. Though this couple added modern floral prints, you can always opt for something more old-fashioned to stay true to the Shakespearean era.

9. Volkswagon: The VW bus is back again, but this time as a huge photo booth prop. Personalize the license plate with you and your S.O.’s names and you’re all set to give guests a memorable ride!

10. Folding Wall: This DIY photo booth backdrop was actually built out of old picket fences. No worries if that’s not accessible to you — plywood works just as well as the base for your painted love verses.

11. Moon and Stars: The love you share for one another has no bounds, even surpassing the moon and stars. Go with a dreamy moon and stars backdrop as a beautiful yet symbolic representation of your love.

12. Fairy Tale: You’ve found who you want to spend your happily ever after with, so a fairy-tale photo booth backdrop fits just right. The only thing missing here is maybe a crown and tiara.

13. Vintage-Inspired Photo Booth: Rent a vintage-inspired photo booth to make your big day even more magical. Plus, the sweet photos guests take home can double as wedding favors.

14. Hanging Greenery: It’s like a fresh floating garden made just for your wedding. Dried herbs will smell amazing, and you can hand the bouquets out to guests after the festivities end.

15. Polaroid Frame: This Polaroid photo frame is one you probably shouldn’t shake, but it’ll make for some pretty awesome wedding photos. Better yet, have a photographer take your ‘booth photos with a Polaroid camera for some classic Inception action.

16. Chalkboard: This backdrop inspired by the couple’s wedding invitations is *everything.* If you dig the romantic rustic vibes, construct your own using chalkboard paint and plywood.

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