4 natural treatments for my nails

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Varnish, care and remover, here’s how to make a gentler manicure for your nails. Just take out your manicure and pedicure set and follow us!

A natural nail polish

It contains biosourced ingredients and pigments of natural origin, from beets and sugar cane for example. Its formula is more respectful of the nails and the environment. Apply one or two layers then use a top coat. This will prolong the hold of the varnish and enhance its shine.

A hydrating oil remover

Acetone-free and formulated with vegetable solvents from corn and sugar cane, it also contains moisturizing vegetable oils that remove varnish without drying out the nails. Massage the oil into the nails with a cotton ball until the polish is completely dissolved.

An organic hand cream

Its bio-sourced nourishing and repairing ingredients, such as shea butter, olive oil and apricot oil are very effective in repairing and moisturizing the hands. Apply the cream before each manicure. Take care not to leave any care residue on the nails before applying the varnish.

Apricot oil for cuticles

These small skins that surround the nails can become dry and unsightly if they are not nourished enough. The ideal: apply apricot oil before each manicure to moisturize and soften them. Massage the oil for a few seconds on each nail with the pulp of a finger. The cuticles will be easier to push back with a wooden stick.

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