5 beauty tips to have sublime feet all summer long

With the coming of the summer, do you want to be perfect in your sandals? Follow our tips for soft skin and colorful nails.

1 Erase calluses

Sanding is the best solution to eliminate calluses without attacking the skin. Be careful, don’t use metal, as it tends to tear the skin. Perform this operation once a week, dry, all year round.

2 Hydrate regularly

Every day apply a care on your feet. A cream or balm texture when it’s cold, and in summer a non-greasy, non-sticky lotion or gel. Massage the product preferably in the evening, until it penetrates perfectly.

3 Refresh intensely

In a basin of warm or cool water, immerse an effervescent pebble or bath salts based on rosemary, thyme, pine, mint, eucalyptus and relax for 15 minutes. Then dry the feet by dabbing them with a towel, and taking care to wipe the spaces between the toes.

4 Take care of your nails

you squared your toenail, and smooth out any irregularities with the coarse grit side of a buffing block. It can be used twice in the summer, no more. Feet cuticles are rarely damaged. Just hydrate them with an oil. Finally, apply a base to give shine to the nail.

5 Dare to color

Apply two layers, the first thin, the second, which creates intensity. If it is applied incorrectly, brush marks can leave an unsightly furrow.

The goal is to have sublime feet all summer long, but not to weaken or attack the skin or the toenail itself. In addition, you also need to take regular care for your toenails by pedicure set. To get the essentials to make your own pedicures: click here.



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