5 tips to enhance short nails

Some women prefer short nails to long nails, for practicality. Others have to keep them short because their nails are soft and brittle. Regardless, short nails are very trendy. Today, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you 5 types of manicures to make to enhance your short nails.

Choose the right colors

If you prefer a dark varnish, choose rather very dark colors or on the contrary very light. Cherry red, navy blue or chocolate tones embellish short nails. Otherwise, white will do wonders, for a manicure full of freshness.

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The application of varnish, quite an art on short nails

To bring length to the fingers, avoid applying the layers of colors too close to the side edges. It is necessary to spread the material first in the center of the nail. Then repeat the operation on the left and right side.

Nude shades

The purpose of nude shades is to create an optical effect, to lengthen short nails. The shade should be chosen according to the natural complexion of the skin. Peach, beige, orange or pink tones are perfect for fair skin, while honey, sand or cream shades beautify dark skin.

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Minimalist nail art

It is quite possible to make nail art on short nails. On the other hand, it is better if the style is minimalist. To avoid overloading them, opt for the creation of shape without varnish. Geometric shapes also look great on short, square nails.

The french

French manicure on short nails is possible. However, a few rules must be observed. The line on the free edge must be fine, even very fine. Also, the baby boomer, this technique which allows to have a melted rendering, adapts to all nail shapes.

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