Beware the consequences of false nails!

All girls love to have beautiful nails with manicure and pedicure set, what better than a beautiful French girl with false nails! But beware of the consequences! Before the false nails break, the nails are filed and polished, this allows the resin, gel or glue to stick better.

False nails promote natural nail detachment because the products attack the skin under the nail. In addition, we use our fingernails as an instrument to open soda cans, like a screwdriver, etc. gestures that leverage and tear our fingernails away.

Many of us do false nails on false without ever letting our real nails breathe! Personally, I opted for the gel, because the effect is really nice and natural. When you remove your false nails, be aware that it will take months to recover the original shape and material of your real nails, and you are at great risk that your nails will become very painful. So girls think carefully before you start!

Protect your cuticles with a fatty substance before applying your hardener, this will prevent your cuticles from hardening too. In addition, if you opt for semi-permanent, be careful to also let your nails breathe between 2 breaks!

Hoping to have been helpful! If you want to know more about nail products, just click here!

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