Black & White: 2 it-colors for nails

White manicure or black manicure? Everything opposes them and these two manicures have many points in common! These two shades are among the trendiest colors in recent years. Why is white so popular with our customers? Why so much excitement? How to achieve beautiful gel poses inspired by these two key trends? Answers in this article.

White manicure

The white manicure is part of a real Nail Art trend. White is above all the color of purity, of innocence. It embodies softness and exudes elegance. White is the flagship color of the minimalist style. It imposed itself on the nails in an almost obvious way. White offers a subtle and flirtatious manicure. It allows refined and elegant women to personalize their style and modernize their look with complete discretion. Applied to the entire nail, this timeless color offers a particularly modern stylish finish. Satiny, pastel, glittery, deep…

Black manicure

The black manicure is now widely worn by women of all ages and on nails of all lengths. Ultra chic black, like white, is a timeless shade. Modern and sober, black is suitable for femme fatales as well as for reserved women whose unsuspected character it reveals. To avoid the gothic effect or the witch look, we will still avoid applying a lacquered black on hyper pointed stiletto nails.

These two colors require a perfect pose! The white and black UV gels must be applied with precision and with the greatest care because the slightest scratching or overflowing would be fatal. The black must be applied with precision and the white must be perfectly opaque. You should know that black and white UV gels offer a superb effect on perfectly hydrated hands and impeccably well-groomed cuticles.

Black and white have many things in common in manicures. These two timeless colors offer a modern, stylish and graphic look. They are worn in all circumstances all year round. Black or white manicures have the great advantage of matching all outfits. All-purpose and incredibly trendy, these timeless colors are sure to please!

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