Building Your Summer Wardrobe On a Budget

Building Your Summer Wardrobe On a Budget

It’s the best-kept secret of any low-budget fashionista. Even on a slim budget looking fabulous is still a possibility. While we all want our designer jeans and our handbags, sometimes your wallet’s a little too slim for the undertaking. Building a summer wardrobe on the cheap is possible. It just takes a little creativity to save money in the fashion department. Here’s a few tips to help you save money on your summer wardrobe, making both you and your budget happy.

Hit the Thrift Store

You may malign the humble thrift store but this is a valuable resource that should never be overlooked. Your local thrift store may be a grand resource for finding old kitchenware and trashy romance novels. But in the right area, it can be a fabulous resource for finding hidden treasures.

Treat thrift store shopping like a sport. If you look around a thrift store with an open eye, you just may find a few treasures here and there. Vintage darlings. Designer clothing. The mind boggles. And the best part is? They’ll usually be marked significantly down. You may just walk home with a $500 leather jacket for $25 if you go on the right day. It takes patience but thrift stores can be a great resource for finding gently used (in some cases, possibly never used) and high quality clothing.


Are you handy with a sewing needle? Or do you know how to accessorize your wardrobe? Consider repurposing old clothing. Your blouse from last season can be jazzed up with new accessories or a new cut. A graphic tee from two years ago can pair very well with a layered top and shorts. Fashion is sometimes about experimentation. By repurposing old clothing items you can save money and help save clothing from ending up in the landfill. Plus, it’s a great way to build a unique look that no one else has thought of before.

Go Online

Sometimes, the retail bug strikes you. Never the less, it’s still simple to save money even if you’re buying new clothing. Shopping online can be a great way to save money on new clothing items. Many online retailers offer great seasonal discounts and regular sales opportunities. But the best part about shopping online is that you’ll also be able to take advantage of promo and coupon codes. There are dozens of websites online offering a detailed list of promotional codes currently available for major retailers. Coupons sites for example regularly offer the latest deals for many clothing retailers, making it easy for you to save big at your favorite clothing retailers.

Online shopping, from certain retailers, also allows you to benefit from reviews and real time feedback from fellow customers. While you may not be able to try on clothes first-hand, online shopping is one of the most reliable means of building a wardrobe nowadays especially when you consider that, combined with promotional codes and special sales that it can often be more cost effective than visiting a physical retailer.


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