Do you know the Sideways French Manicure?

We have already talked about French manicure, today what we will talk about in this article is a new way to decline the French manicure, so as to make your nail art less banal and obvious. All you have to do is continue reading and follow our beauty tips.

Sideways French Manicure: what is it and why is it so popular?

As the word sideways French says, it literally means lateral French and in fact this innovative nail art simply consists in orienting the colored bezel of the classic French manicure laterally. This type of nail art is very popular because it is capable of giving the nail an elongated and tapered look, it is also particularly suitable for those with short nails and perhaps somewhat stubby hands. The final effect of this nail art is truly chic and sophisticated, you can’t help but love it.

The French sideways can be made with both traditional and semi-permanent nail polishes or with gel glazes, you decide according to your preferences. First, do an accurate manicure, you can do it at home or rely on the expert hands of a professional, file your nails to the length and above all the shape you prefer and push all the cuticles back with the help of the professional nail supplies.

Only when the base is perfectly dry can you move on to apply the first layer of color, let it dry well and move on to the second layer. The drying of the second coat of colored enamel must be truly flawless because this will be the basis on which to “draw” the contrasting bezel of our side French. Our smart advice is to use a decorative polish to create the bezel because they are the ones with the thinnest tip and therefore will guarantee you a more precise and smudge-free result and also the thickness of the bezel will be the same on all nails.

When the bezel is perfectly dry, all you have to do is apply a transparent top coat for an ultra shine result worthy of a glossy magazine. You can complete everything with the nail polish drops, you just need a couple of them to have a very fast drying so that you can immediately do whatever you want without spending a lot of time blowing on your nails or spinning your hands in the air to facilitate drying.

If you think that this type of nail art is too complicated to make at home, you are wrong because you just need to buy some manicure and pedicure sets at our Maryton nail supply website to have nails that are the envy of anyone.

Wish you have a good manicure and pedicure!

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