Do you know the Triangle Nail Art Manicure?

This year, the trend in the world of nails is the combination of geometric shapes and minimalism. And the most fashionable figure this season is the triangle.

This pattern visually lengthens the nail and helps hide some of the imperfections. We advise you to play on the contrasts: white and black, blue and gold, red and beige… the result will be very beautiful!

This type of manicure is suitable for everyday styling, both for young girls and for women who are a little creative, love trends and aren’t afraid to experiment. It goes well with different styles of clothing.

You can use glitter or monochrome nail polish, and also have a triangle at the base of the nail or on the tips – all options are relevant this season. Of course, before embarking on such a manicure, it is advisable to file the nails so that they have the same length and a beautiful shape.

Now that you’ve know the triangle nail art manicure, you can use gentle manicure kits to begin your manicure! If you don’t have nail tools, you can visit our nail supply store.

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