Do Your Baby Boomer’s Nails With Nail Polish

Baby boomer nails give your nails a particularly natural look and are very trendy. It is the most popular look and there are already plenty of DIY instructions. Since the latter usually require a lot of nail material and a UV lamp, this article explains a simple variant, with nail polish and without UV gel. Try it!

Step 1. Preparation

If there are any nail polish residues on your nails, of course you have to remove them first. It is recommended to use an acetone-free nail polish remover. To create a naturally groomed look, it may also be necessary to remove excess cuticles.

Step 2. Shape the Nails

To shape nails, file continuously in one direction. Be careful not to place the nail file too high to avoid unsightly cracks. By the way, oval nails look especially good on wide nails, while narrow nails look great on square nails.

Double Sides Zebra Manicure Nail Tool Professional Regular Plastic Nail File

Step 3. Apply nail polish

First you need a good base. By starting with a base coat, you can even out small irregularities, prevent discoloration of the nails, and the colored nail polish adheres better. Allow the base coat to dry patiently for a beautiful end result.

Step 4. Apply base color

You can now apply your base color. The most important thing is that it is opaque. A beautiful nude tone or a soft pink gives your nails a particularly natural look.

Step 5. Paint the French Board

Now apply the white polish on the French tip of the nail. Be careful not to paint too many white areas, as the nail polish will spread a little towards the nail bed in the next step.

Step 6. Use the sponge to create a gradient

Before the paint dries, take your sponge quickly in your hand. Now dab the white nail polish lightly towards the nail bed, until a blurry transition is created.

Step 7. Apply Top Coat

The first coat of your topcoat is to give the matte look a glossy finish. Apply it all over the nail and let the layer dry. Then apply a second coat. It seals the design of your nails and restores their shine.

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