How to do a semi-permanent manicure at home?

Your beautiful manicure will not fall off after two days due to semi-permanent varnish. Because these varnishes are dried under UV or LED lights, they can be kept for longer periods. But how to perform a pose like a professional? Your expert nail supplier Maryton gives you advice.

Nail preparation

Wash your hands and then file your nails to give them the shape you want: square or oval. Use a soft, fine-grained file so as not to weaken them. And above all, always file in the same direction! You can also use an electric sander if you have the necessary experience. Push back the cuticles so that the varnish is well on the nail.

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Finally, smooth your nails with the polisher so that the surface of your nails is flat. The rendering will be sharper and without demarcation. Then finish by applying a cleaner that will degrease your nails and remove both the rest of the moisturizer and the dust left during nail filing.

Applying semi-permanent varnish

Start by applying a thin layer of primer to increase the adhesion of the varnish on the nails. Follow with a thin base coat for semi-permanent nail polish. It will protect your nails from the pigments and prevent them from yellowing. After doing all your nails, place your hand in the UV or LED lamp for about 30 seconds. Then proceed to the application of the semi-permanent colored nail polish in two always thin coats. After each, put your hands under the lamp for about 1 to 2 minutes.

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To complete the installation, you must apply the top coat varnish in a thin layer. He will come to protect all the work you have just done. It will also bring more shine to the varnish.

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