How to fix a broken nail?

Did your nail break? To fix a broken nail, you don’t have to cut everything! There are simple solutions to repair a nail without having to cut it flush. And even in the extreme case of a torn nail, we will explain how to do it.

Tips for repairing a broken nail

  • Repair a broken nail with nail hardener

To repair a broken nail, you will need: a sheet of paper towel or a thin sheet of toilet paper; a nail file ; a hardening varnish; your favorite nail polish and a clear top coat.

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We move on to the repair stage. Start by cutting a piece of paper towel as long as the break. Then coat the nail with hardener varnish, adjust the paper towel on the broken part, and press to adhere. Apply a layer of hardener on the “home made” dressing. Let it dry, then start again.

About twenty minutes later, file the paper, and apply a final coat of hardener. Wait until the product is completely dry to proceed to the next step. To hide the paper, all you have to do is cover the nail with two layers of your favorite nail polish and finish with a layer of transparent top coat.

  • Fix a broken nail with a tea bag

To fix a broken nail without cutting it, you need pretty much the same tools as the previous version. Simply replace the compress or paper towel with a tea bag. You can also change the hardener varnish to a simple base in this case.

In the same way, cut a piece of the paper tea bag, the size of your fingernail. Apply a first base coat, lay the paper over it and add a base coat. Allow to dry completely before applying a new clear base coat. As it dries, it will act like a plaster, to hold the nail in place.

  • Fix a broken nail with glue

Another option for repairing a broken nail is nail glue. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the affected hand or foot with warm soapy water. Soak your broken nail until it is softened. Then apply a drop of nail glue to the breakage using a toothpick and spread. Always finish with a layer of protective varnish which will prevent the other parts of the nail from breaking.

How to treat a torn nail?

You must therefore remove it carefully using fine scissors and tweezers. If the nail is completely torn from its bed, there is a good chance that the bleeding will be significant. To stop it, exert strong pressure on your nail. Then wrap your finger in a sterile cotton strip. The following days, change your dressing twice a day after disinfecting.

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