How to prevent the appearance of nail fungus?

Nail fungus, also called onychomycosis, is a very widespread pathology. It is in fact a fungus, which develops in the keratin of the nail, causing its deterioration.

Toenail fungus is characterized by a deterioration in its appearance. There is yellowing or whitening of the nail plate. In some people, it is accompanied by the appearance of streaks or splitting of the nail. When onychomycosis degenerates, it may turn into a more serious infection.

The appearance of nail fungus can have several causes. We note, among other things, the use of shoes in which the foot does not breathe enough. Keeping the foot wet and sweating can, in fact, increase the chances of developing this type of fungus.

Disposable Mani and Pedi Kit Set
Disposable Mani and Pedi Kit Set

We also know that toenail fungus is contagious. You should therefore avoid wearing the shoes of a person with this type of problem. Also be extra vigilant when you go to shared changing rooms such as those in swimming pools.

You must take the right actions to avoid nail fungus. Always be sure to choose the right shoes according to your sporting activity. Shoes made from poor quality materials can increase the chances of developing this type of infection. Good foot hygiene and regular care of your nails are also the key to keeping these horrible fungi away from your toes for the long term. It is best to use a disposable manicure and pedicure set.

If you do not notice any signs of improvement, do not hesitate to consult your doctor for his opinion, to ensure that it is adapted to your problem and your medical profile. In addition, at Maryton, supplier of equipment for nail technicians, you will find the best nail products!

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