How to remove false gel nails?

Removing a gel nail must follow several steps and is not trivial! Removal of false nails must be carried out by a nail professional. If you are not a professional, contact the nail technician who installed your nails. Under no circumstances try to remove your false nails on your own!

False gel nail removal protocol

The objective: to remove the gel without damaging the natural nail plate. And, the gel can be removed in two ways: with a file or with an electric nail drill.

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  • Using the file, start sanding with a coarse-grained file and finish with a soft file.
  • If you opt for an electric nail drill, handle it with caution and be careful not to burn the nail or reach the natural nail.
  • Once most of the gel has been sanded and the capsule or stencil has been filed, use a buffing block to polish the nail.
  • Finish the removal by carrying out a treatment which will allow the nail to regenerate more easily. Also remember to moisturize the cuticles with a cuticle oil.

Tip: once the capsule is visible you can use a little acetone to remove it more easily. Acetone will melt the capsule. If you want to choose a nail drill, you might as well go to the nail supply store online.

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