How to remove semi-permanent varnish?

After a few weeks, your nails don’t look as good as they did on the first day. Before starting a new semi-permanent nail polish manicure, you must remove the old manicure. In this blog, we will see how to properly remove your semi-permanent varnish manicure.

Remove the semi-permanent varnish

There are several ways to remove semi-permanent varnish. You can remove it with a regular file, an electric file or you can soak your nails in remover. If you do not have enough skills, we do not recommend working with a nail grinder. We often find that the natural nail plate is damaged by too much sanding. This can also happen with a regular nail file, especially if the grit is too coarse. After the artificial nails are removed, your nails will be more flexible for 12-24 hours. This is because artificial nails temporarily increase the humidity level of your nail plate by about 10-15%.

Removing semi-permanent varnish using a nail sander is the most common method in a nail studio. The process is much faster than with a regular file or the dip method, saving you a lot of time. On the other hand, we strongly advise against using an electric file if you do not have sufficient skills. If too much of the nail plate is removed, the natural nail will be much too thin. There will also be issues with the catalysing of manicure products. Just as you remove semi-permanent polish with a nail file, you also need to use different gradations when sanding, especially when working with emery bits. Only sand the top layer of your artificial nails. If you still have a thin layer or small pieces of product on your nails, it is recommended to file the remainder with a nail buffer or polishing block.

To file the semi-permanent varnish manually, you must start with a 100/180 file. The 100 grit side of the file is used to remove the top layer of artificial nails. Make short strokes while filing and constantly check the condition of the bottom layer. If the semi-permanent polish becomes thinner, it is best to switch to the 180 grit side of the nail file. When you see that most of the artificial nails have been removed, take a nail buffer or buffing block with a higher gradation to remove the rest of the manicure.

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