How to remove your semi-permanent varnish naturally?

More and more of you are adopting semi-permanent varnish. It is more practical, more resistant and above all, it can last up to three weeks on your nails. Only then, it’s when removing it that it gets complicated! In this article, we will bring you the right techniques to know how to remove semi-permanent varnish naturally.

The method to remove your semi-permanent varnish naturally?

The most natural method to remove your semi-permanent varnish is polishing. Indeed, most professionals recommend it in order to preserve the nail, while removing the thickness of the semi-permanent nail polish. To polish your nail effectively, use a polisher or a nail file. Be patient, otherwise you will run to disaster!

Take care of your nails after removing the semi-permanent varnish

For perfectly healthy nails, it is important to nourish them well before and after removing the semi-permanent varnish. The ideal is to opt for a soothing and nourishing vegetable oil or a suitable cream. Three oils are preferred:

  • Cuticle oil, in order to deeply nourish your nails.
  • Castor oil, to help strengthen damaged nails. With it, your nails will regain a beautiful appearance and form a barrier against infections.
  • Olive oil, to restore vitality to your nails. It can keep your nails in perfect health, while preventing various adverse effects.

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