Incredible Wireless Headphones PaMu Scroll

PaMu Scroll: the Best Alternative to Airpods

The unique PaMu Scroll wireless headphones are launched today on IndieGoGo for only $ 39 plus shipping. This very low price for early risers, but will not last long. The regular price of the new PaMu scroll is $ 149.99. Padmate will begin shipping the PaMu earphones in late September.

I already tested the PaMu Scroll a few weeks ago and was very impressed by this new Chinese PadMate pamu earbuds. The company has been able to radically improve its first-generation wireless headphones pamu x13 launched in the spring.

Technical progress and miniaturization are astounding. The new PaMu Scroll headphones are about half the size of the PaMu X13 and feature much better technology based on Bluetooth 5.0 and improved sound. The battery case is an amazing one with the leather-wrapped design. A small accessory makes the battery case a wireless device.

The PaMu scroll is on sale now on moldac for $ 75. There are only 500 units available at this low price.


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