Manicure, the beauty routine for nails

Manicure is an elegant, well-kept and colorful world: made to tell the personality of those who constantly take care of their hands. It revolves around an important gesture, which is truly timeless.
Our hands represent an absolute business card. Doing a manicure is not only an aesthetic question but also a psychological one: it is the perfect pass to feel more in tune with yourself.
The beauty treatment for hands and nails should be carried out periodically, so that the results can last longer over time. Having nails that are always beautiful and manicured is also a mental symptom. Attention must be paid to the cuticles – unsightly and capable of ruining the glance – also taking care to harmonize the shape of the nails themselves, so as to make the hand more beautiful. It is clear that the products used will make the difference, and only in this way will you be able to have guarantees on the final result.
In order to get a perfect manicure you need to equip yourself with the professional manicure sets. First of all, it is necessary to have a set of files of different grains, as well as solvents that are not aggressive on the skin. Secondly, cuticle oil and strengthening oil will serve as well as the strengthening hand cream and exfoliating mask to improve skin health. Finally, the cuticle pusher stick and the tool to remove excess cuticles will be used for finishing. Tray with hand rests and towels of different sizes will welcome hands and nails in every phase of the treatment.
The first step to be faced is that of disinfecting the hands, which then continues with the filing of the nails. First you need to pass a few minutes from the tray with ‘correct’ lukewarm water with 5 drops of lemon, in order to soften the fabrics. Then, once the hands have dried, we move on to the examination and care of the cuticles (and then the nails).
The shape is very important (rounded, low, oval and so on) since it is an element that affects the communication of one’s inspiration and personality. Once the nails have been filed, the massage phase begins, a way to help circulation and reduce any tension. The last step, a real grand finale, is represented by the application of the enamel.
It is a fundamental activity to make your hands appear even more beautiful and well cared for: it takes a little patience but the result is guaranteed. The enamel today is seen by women as a real must, like an outfit: they are willing to invest time and money in order to achieve perfection.
Hoping to have been helpful, I hug you and look forward to seeing in the next article!
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