Manicure: Trendy Nail Art And Nail Polish For Winter

Each season is conducive to a new manicure and ever more creative nail art. But what about this winter? Today, your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain everything to you.

Winter often rhymes with dark colors. This season, we therefore find essential colors such as black, burgundy or green, but also nail art trends inspired by fashion and makeup: pearls, rhinestones and sequins are out.

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Winter’s flagship nail polishes:

Black nail polish: black remains a unique winter color. On the nails, it brings a touch of sobriety or a more rock side depending on our style.

Red nail polish: red is the color of all seasons. Delicately applied, red creates an elegant and refined manicure.

Burgundy varnish: darker than red, burgundy also has its place this season. This pretty color brings a little warmth to counter the coldness of the season.

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Winter nail art trends

Mother-of-pearl pearls: on the nail art side, the trend also follows. The pearls are deposited like crystals and come to dress our nails. On bare or colored nails, their relief gives a “couture” effect.

Jewel nails: rhinestones, sequins, and chains… There is enough to make a jewel manicure. Extravagant for some, works of art for others, jewelry nails have become real fashion accessories. The only rule: do not overload the nail.

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