Manicure: why call on a nail prothetist?

It is of course possible to make your manicure alone at home. But why deprive yourself of the services of a professional? With a professional nail technician, choose comfort and excellence for a well-made manicure that lasts a long time.

Opt for a gentle manicure at your nail technician

There are many reasons why a woman should make an appointment with a nail technician. There are 3 main ones.

The know-how

First of all, the nail technician learned the different techniques of applying false nails, nail-art or even the application of semi-permanent varnish. She knows the protocols and hygiene measures to follow, for a professional and gentle manicure. At the end of the appointment, your nails are clean, flawless and very beautiful.


The nail technician is dedicated solely to the nails of the hands and/or feet. By observing the condition of your nails, she may notice a contraindication. On the other hand, taking medication can cause adhesion problems. It is important to report this to your prosthetist before the appointment, as well as any planned surgery. She then offers you an appointment at a later date or an adapted service to avoid any danger.

Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets

The board

She is able to advise you perfectly according to the novelties, but especially your personality. She listens to you and for this reason, she offers you the most suitable service. Whatever your desire and your request, the nail technician knows how to meet your needs perfectly.

Do you know the Russian manicure?

The Russian manicure is also called “perfect nail’s”. Thanks to this high-quality treatment, your nails are perfect, they can make the cover of a beauty magazine without being touched up. The nail technician works around the edge of the nail and does very meticulous work so that the nail looks more beautiful and longer naturally.

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