My nails are peeling off, what to do?

There are few things more distressing than nail separation. It bothers you and the result is unsightly but you risk causing more damage than anything else. What should you do when your nails fall off? Don’t panic, Maryton Nail Supply will give you answers in this article. Read on!

From the professional’s point of view, when a client arrives with separation:

  • Completely remove the parts that no longer adhere to the natural nail before moving on to the next steps. If you use a nail drill machine, be careful of material shards during rotations.
  • Always finish with a soft file as you get closer to the natural plaque.
  • Discuss with your client to find the origin of the separation.
  • Make sure you carry out all the steps of the installation protocol perfectly, to avoid recurrence.

As a client, under no circumstances should you have fun scratching, biting or forcing the peeling to try to remove the remaining part. Contact your nail technician, explain your problem to them, they will quickly offer you a new appointment to redo or remove the material.

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