Nail art: 4 styles for your nails in spring

It will be time to forget our most beautiful winter nail arts, and trade them for more spring colors and patterns. But how do you find inspiration for your next nail makeover? In this article, our Maryton will give you all my ideas to enhance your hands with a special spring nail art.

Spring inspiration 1: vintage nail art

For this type of beauty, we will favor soft and very feminine colors, such as an aged pink, a pearly beige or nude. Finally, we will opt for patterns that remind us of the 1960s. Finally, you can also opt for the traditional French manicure, vintage as desired, and adorn it with a nail jewel to bring it an additional touch of femininity.

Spring inspiration 2: monochrome nail art

In spring, reconnect with the simplicity of monochrome nail art! The principle is simple: your home nail technician applies a plain base, the color of your choice, in gel or semi-permanent varnish. It then enhances your beauty of the hands with a sober and discreet pattern, like a simple band of color, in the same shade as your base.

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Spring inspiration 3: neon nail art

We’re heading for soft and slightly iridescent colors, for a girly look and luminous nails. We can then sublimate them with geometric patterns, both sober and elegant, or combine them with the monochrome trend. Finally, you can play the contrast card, by applying a different color to one of your nails, for example.

Spring inspiration 4: flowery nail art

Spring is also nature awakening after the winter cold. What if we put it in the spotlight with a nail art as flowery as our favorite trees? All you have to do is apply a neutral, nude or pastel base before creating your flower motif using the stamping or freehand drawing technique.

OK! Now that you have known 4 styles for your nails in spring, bring your manicure supplies and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail tools. We have everything all you need.



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