Nail art: the essential trends of this winter 2022

Many of us love to dress up our nails with patterns or other very aesthetic options. In nail art, what are the must-have trends for this winter 2022? The Maryton nail supply will review the most beautiful ideas in terms of manicure in the rest of this article.

What are the key designs of the moment?

Nude shades

As for a few years now, nude shades are very popular with women. They allow you to wear a discreet and neat manicure at the same time. Consider pairing it with silver or gold for a festive winter manicure.

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Shiny and metallic on the nails

Regarding this winter 2022, the trendy colors, metallic and bright, are rose gold, chrome and glitter gold. There is also a return to the application of mirror-effect varnish, whether for a manicure or pedicure.

The “mix and match”

This technique is the fact of painting each of his nails in a different color. This manicure can be done with pastel, nude or much brighter shades, but be careful of the color match between them.

The “pullover” manicure

The “sweater” style manicure will delicately dress your nails in softness to visually counter the winter cold. On the other hand, this manicure must be carried out using a UV LED lamp.

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French manicure in color

In 2022, it is completely revisited by integrating colors. And especially in the most popular shades during the winter season, such as grey, black or burgundy red.

Geometric patterns

The variations are endless in terms of colors and shapes. In addition, you can easily make this type of nail art with a brush at home, with gel or semi-permanent varnish.

You now know the essential trends of this winter 2022, take into action quickly. As instruments to the manicure, we offer you lots of manicure sets. If you prefer disposable products you will also find them on our nail supply store online.

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