Nail art: what trends in summer 2022?

This summer 2022, nail art trends will not fail to surprise you, but also to seduce you. Nude, graphic or tropical: what decorations will your nails wear on the beach? Here are 6 summer nail art trends from our Maryton, which you can take inspiration from to enhance your nails this summer!

1. Nude nail art

In summer as in winter, nude nail art allows you to adopt sober shades that go with most of your outfits. They will enhance your hands for any occasion!

2. Graphic nail art

In summer 2022, minimalism and graphic shapes are making a comeback. This nail enhancement will allow you to adopt a sober and original manicure all summer long.

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3. Neon nail art

In summer 2022, pastel and neon tones come together to create ultra-girly shades. Neon nail art gives pride of place to original colors, but also to the gradient technique for a glamorous look.

4. Gradient nail art

Gradient nail art consists of applying a different varnish to each nail, so as to reproduce a subtle chromatic range on your hands. From the lightest to the darkest.

5. Japanese-inspired nail art

You can bet on a sober and elegant nail art, which will recall Japanese motifs such as the cherry blossom. Japanese-inspired nail art also uses deep blues, as well as brighter or pastel shades for an elegant and feminine result.

6. Tropical nail art

This type of nail art adopts original patterns, such as palm leaves or exotic flowers. In summer 2022, dare to use bright colors with tropical nail art that is sure to enhance your summer outfits!

OK! Now that you have known 6 summer nail art trends in summer 2022, bring your manicure supplies and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail products. We have everything all you need.



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