Nail drill bit shapes and their uses

There are a number of nail drill used for distinct functions. These appear in many different materials, shapes, sizes and grains. For this reason, you must have a very clear idea of the many types of nail drills and their proper uses.

1. Natural nail drill

This type of nail piece is constructed from a synthetic rubberized soft piece. The intention of using a pure nail drill would be to smooth the cuticle area and remove the dead cuticle.

2. Barrel Bits

Barrel pieces can be large or small. They are used for smooth surface function with precision. To avoid risk of damage, don’t use this type of bit in the cuticle area.

3. Chuck bits

Chuck parts are mainly used for dye removal and for pedicure functions.These parts are ideal for surface function.

4. Cone bits

Cone pieces are more suitable for nail surface function. These drills can be used to wash the area under the nail and the side walls as well. The tapered shape of the cone pieces makes it more flexible to use.

5. Padding bits or maintenance bits

These pieces are generally used to reshape and adjust the smile line. There are many variations of backfill nail drill pieces, for example two-week or four-week pieces.

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