One of the Best Bluetooth Headphones: PaMu Slide Mini

Having seen reviews on YouTube, I ordered from an official foreign site with delivery to Russia for $69. I paid with a Sberbank card with conversion. Headphones arrived after 22 days from the moment of ordering at the post office.

I was met by beautiful and high-quality packaging, it looks very good for a gift.

We open the box and see our long-awaited headphones with a case for charging and carrying them.

One of the Best Bluetooth Headphones: PaMu Slide Mini

The pamu slide mini are very compact and the case is also not big. It will be convenient to carry in your pocket.

The complete set includes six pairs of interchangeable ear pads, Type-c charging cable, carrying pouch and waste paper. The set is not bad enough, 3 pairs of ear cushions with a deep seat and 3 with the usual. It is important to choose for yourself those in which the bass will be felt, if you select small ones for your ear, then the full potential of the sound will not be revealed.

At first, the sound was not at all impressive. But after the ear pads were picked up, a deep, sifting bass and sound purity appeared in general. Means with a deep landing came up to me, but on the forum they advised foam ear cushions with a dimension of T100 (this dimension is for searching on aliexpress, PaMu has a very small footprint, T100 means 3 mm). In theory, with such nozzles, the sound should become even better.

One of the Best Bluetooth Headphones: PaMu Slide Mini

After a week of use, the pamu slide mini earbuds began to feel even better. Perhaps membranes have been developed. They work both individually and together. There were no problems with the connection, they say that in the last installment past jambs were fixed and most likely it is. They work well indoors and in the car as a headset, the interlocutor does not complain about voice quality. On the street, in windy weather and in a noisy place, you have to speak louder or even switch to the phone. The charge of the headphones themselves is more than 8 hours, enough, and the case still charges 3 times. And how good it is now without wires, it’s definitely worth the money!


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