PaMu Scroll: the Best Alternative to Airpods

After a bit of waiting, we finally got to review the much talked about – PaMu Scroll, the True Wireless headphones that can be purchased on Moldac, which will probably give us a good shake-up in the market for True Wireless devices. Let’s see how, and above all because today it is true and real Best Buy of this category of products!


The packaging proposed for these PaMu Scrolls is essential, inside the packaging we find the Case containing the headphones and a Micro-USB type cable for recharging (In addition to an illustrative leaflet explaining the functions of the device in various languages). If you buy the version with the pamu wireless charging receiver device, the latter could be added in a simple and small cardboard box.

PaMu Scroll: the Best Alternative to Airpods


One of the most striking aspects when you touch this product is definitely the case, which obviously also serves as a charging base for the headphones.

Aesthetically it is really a product of level, perfect and detailed finishes, the dimensions are more than fair, it easily enters in any pocket of the trousers without any problem. Very beautiful and usable thanks to a metal band that acts as a closing mechanism. The case is available in four different colors that you can choose during the purchase phase, in our case we have the “Graphene” Black color scheme available.

On the sides of this case, finely finished in a leather-like material, we find the two sides of the ‘cylinder’, one will possibly act as a base on which to place the case, if desired, to recharge via Wireless Charge, while the other has a Led underneath the body. circular blue, divided into 4, which indicates the residual battery of the case. Each ‘Slice’ of this light circle represents about 25% of the remaining battery, so the proportion should be:

  • 1 Led on: 25% residual
  • 2 LEDs on: 50% residual
  • and so on.

Opening the case, we see the two headphones, also magnetically attached to the case by two tiny metal pins. Upon contact with them, the headphones will never accidentally fall out and obviously they will automatically start the charging process. These are true wireless in ear earphones, with all their pros and cons.

Although personally I have never loved the in-ear genre, which I have always considered too ‘invasive’ and ‘annoying’ especially for too long listening sessions, in this case I had to pleasantly change my mind. The PaMu Scroll despite the very premium materials (metal and aluminum) with IPX6 certification (water proof) really weigh a handful of grams, the ears seem almost not to have them, they turn out to be really very very comfortable even after several hours of listening.


As just anticipated, as it is in-ear headphones the sound insulation of the PaMu Scroll is really at a very high level. Almost like several over the ear headphones tested with the Noise Active Cancel function! Listening to music with these headphones is really a pleasure, the bass really sounds good, your ears will vibrate so much! The mids and highs are always perfectly balanced, with almost no cases in which there is a tendency to distort the sound. In short, qualitatively in terms of music, it is a model of true wireless headphones among the best on the market without a shadow of a doubt.

Another very appreciable aspect to take into account is that of gestures, both intuitive and essential:

  • 1 Tap on the headphone to pause the listening
  • 1 Tap to restart it.
  • 2 Tap (DX headset) to activate Siri or Google’s voice assistant
  • 2 Tap a little bit faster to change tracks of your Music Player.

It is a pity not to have the convenient function (AirPods Style, for instance) to pause the music by removing them from the auricle, a gesture that in my view would surely have improved the experience of use. We also emphasize the possibility of using only a headset, whether it is Right or Left is not important, leaving the second comfortably in the case, being able to carry out all the usual operations that we would have normally done as if we were using both.


PaMu Scroll: the Best Alternative to Airpods

Often when we talk about Bluetooth devices, one of the painful notes about which we must go to shed bitter tears concerns battery life.But, in the case of PaMu Scrolls, I would like to say, however, that battery does not seem to be a big problem, on the contrary. Listening at maximum volume all the time, the headphones last between 3h 40m and 4h, minute plus minute minus.
Obviously, if you have a fully loaded case (just forty minutes to load it completely) just place the completely flat headphones inside the case (which can load them in about 30 minutes from 0 to 90-100% for two times) to be able to start playing music again.
I have been able to use them during so many journeys (Metro / Trains) without having ever had problems related to the battery, obviously we are not talking about an excellent battery, but it is enough to do the good accounts for never remaining without music during your hours of Travel / Shift!

On the connectivity side instead, absolutely nothing to say. The Bluetooth 5.0 is very fast in the pairing that occurs automatically as soon as one single headset is lifted from the charging case. The delay with this technology is practically non-existent, whether you are listening to a piece of music or watching content even at very high resolutions on Netflix / YouTube.

In call, stands out an excellent listening quality and excellent noise reduction thanks to the two microphones placed singly at the bottom of both headphones. Our interlocutor will hear us very well always, even walking in the rain or a busy street. Also in this case the delay is practically imperceptible.


From what can be seen, from what I wrote, these PaMu Scroll 5.0 struck me and not a little. Qualitatively it is very difficult to find better, surely you can find something similar, but clearly superior actually I find it really complicated.
From the aesthetic point of view, it is really a premium product, but not very well known unlike other brands, which will surely ask anyone watching you to take out of your pocket “What is this tube?”. Currently they can be purchased on for a sum that currently stands at $ 75.

Personally I strongly recommend you buy them if you love good music in the first place, but above all also if you are lovers of technological progress in general.


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