Pamu Slide Converge All That is Needed for a Bluetooth Earphones

Apple Airpods are now available everywhere with the recent Airpods 2 version. I see more and more people using Airpods on the road. But there is a company, perhaps not as well known, they are preparing to launch a similar headset, but better. They claim to have created a product that will become an Airpods destroyer – It’s called Pamu Slide. I have received the product for evaluation and have been using it daily for almost a month now.

As you know, Padmate raised more than $ 3.3 million on Indiegogo with a previous generation Pamu Scroll TWS earphones, it used to be “The most sponsored audio device campaign” and “the most support campaign on Indiegogo ”. And is this campaign successful? Seeing the number of supporters and the amount of fundraising has exceeded 10 times the original goal after just one day of operation, I believe it will continue to succeed.


Padmate offers many pairs of ear tips with many different sizes (Small, Medium and Large). Come with a Type-C cable and manual.


At first glance, Pamu Slide has the same design as the Apple Airpods. But there are some differences such as not being round and looking larger. The charger box is also heavier & bulky. But, all these differences bring features that I think it is more than Airpods.

Pamu Slide Converge All That is Needed for a Bluetooth Earphones

Beginning, Pamu Slide is equipped with Qualcomm QCC3020 processor chip, this is the most advanced True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth chip on the market. The latest products from Bose, Sony or Jabra are still using Qualcomm CSR8000 as the older generation. Thanks to this new chip, Pamu Slide can bring great sound. Supports AptX decoding codec, superior connectivity thanks to Qualcomm TrueWireless ™ Stereo Plus technology. This technology allows the left 2 channels to receive independent signals from the phone. Thereby reducing the latency and 2-ear connection signal is more assured than conventional technology.

It has 3 color versions: White, Black & Blue, unlike the Apple Airpods with only one color.

Pamu Slide Converge All That is Needed for a Bluetooth Earphones

Pamu Slide has IP6 water resistance standard, which means it can resist sweat, and even rain can still be reassured. I tested this with a lot of rain and thunderstorms, it still survived.

Pamu Slide brings a very good touch control experience. For example, you can flick to Play, Pause songs. And touch hold to increase and decrease the volume.

One thing, you can accidentally touch the headset will stop the music. But if you pay attention to taking headphones from the body, there should be no problem. The headset will turn off automatically when placed in the charger box and turn on automatically when you remove it. Very quick.

Charger box is my favorite part, the charger box in addition to the backup charger for headphones, it also has wireless charging function for other devices. Good in emergencies. I go to work and use it all week but I’ve never seen it run out of battery. Very fast charging & quite large capacity.

The mechanism to slide the lid open is very nice and fun, the headset is kept in a charging box with a strong and safe magnet. At closing the lid for a feeling of hand. You can check the remaining battery through the LED array on the lid of the box.

2000mAh capacity charger, providing abundant power for Pamu Slide. With fast charging, you only need 5 minutes of charging to get 1 hour of music playing.

Battery life will depend on many factors, such as volume level & usage. 10 hours of continuous music playing is an impressive number. It is more than most current Bluetooth headsets.


I didn’t expect much when I put Pamu Slide on to listen to music, but it made me totally surprised. The sound is very rich and detailed, especially Treble sound. I can absolutely hear the details of the music – the sounds are often lost in small headphones like Pamu Slide.

It splits the stereo sound well, I can hear the acoustic guitar in the left ear and the electric guitar on the right. You can feel the bass but the headphones are small like this, but can’t spread much. It also depends on the tightness of the earplugs.

I used Pamu Slide for most of the time during the experience (Listen to music, Podcast and watch Nexflix movies). In different situations (from quiet office to noisy place like train station yard). Overall, I’m very pleased with Pamu Slide and I think it’s definitely suitable for serious listeners. Nothing overcomes the mobility of Pamu Slide. It fits perfectly with exercise.

Although it’s a bit difficult to listen to Podcasts or make calls in a noisy environment (I have to say it loudly), everything else is good or good.

The stable connection signal, I have not encountered any signal drop or disruption during the life of the product, according to Padmate, thanks to LDS antenna technology integrated into Pamu Slide.


Pamu Slide really surprised me. Pamu Slide provides everything I need on a Bluetooth headset to the present time: aptX decoder Codec, Bluetooth 5.0, stable signal, mobility, sound quality and design. Especially the price is too good, there is no opponent to surpass Pamu Slide in the price segment.

Padmate demonstrates that not only famous brands can succeed and Pamu Slide definitely deserves more prominence in the audio market. If you are looking for an alternative solution for Airpods, don’t look far away, Pamu Slide will meet your needs!

Get pamu slide on Indiegogo with a early birds price here.


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