PaMu Slide: Full Wireless Headphones That Also Recharge The Smartphone

We tried Pamu’s full wireless headphones which represent the third wave of products sold directly in crowdfunding by the company. Monstrous battery that can also charge your smartphone.

Pamu has changed the rules by which headphones are sold online, through its first campaign with Pamu Scroll it has practically marketed a large number of its devices (precisely 62.334) in the first phase of a successful crowdfunding campaign supported by advertising, reviews and media articles.

In these cases the product may not even reach the classic distribution and retail systems. There are many units booked and then sent to end customers that can be passed directly to the next product to be promoted with a similar campaign.

Pamu Slide Converge All That is Needed for a Bluetooth Earphones

For Pamu Slide we are running out of the first phase of the offer, up until 7 pm on July 7th the headphones will cost 44 Euros for the basic version and 62 Euros for the Plus version with a smartphone top-up and then increase in price. Obviously we will report the new prices in an update of this article. At the time of writing, the campaign has around 37,800 backers.

The impressions of use on Pamu Scroll

Macitynet received a sample of Pamu Slides a few days ago, it is the Plus version that can also charge your phone. Here we report our impressions after about two weeks of actual use on the train, on the road and during the “sport” activity: brisk walking and light trekking.

The packaging and the components

The headphones came in a very nice cardboard box that opens “like a book” and contains the charging box, the headphones, a USB-C / USB-A cable and 3 pairs of ear tips.

Obviously in the foreground there are the headphones with the classic shape that makes them look like the distant Airpods in black version: among their main features we find Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, dual microphone noise reduction, IPX6 certification (it is therefore possible to use them for sports activities), touch control and 10 hours of operation with a single charge.

The slides are certainly easy to wear since they are lighter and smaller than the other products of the company thanks to the Airpods style stem that allows to host part of the electronics and the battery, brings the microphone closer to the mouth and adds thanks to the shape, a some general stability to the device once worn. Compared to Scrolls Pamu says that the slides have 3 times the duration, half the consumption and 8 times the transmission capacity

Bluetooth pairing

Being a Bluetooth device, pairing is quite simple with both Android and iPhone. The only problem is that they are aggressive enough to connect to your phone even when they should be charging in their packaging and this can be a problem if they compete with your car’s speakerphone. It happened to us several times that with the phone in our pocket while we were driving we were ringing the phone already connected to the car and the audio was “captured” by the headphones: in this case it is good to have the phone in sight and select the speakerphone that we want to use or unpair the headphones if we have to go on a long journey.

How are they controlled?

The touch controls on the headphones can be a convenience or a curse. We have tried several full wireless headphones and many times it is not easy to avoid operating a command by mistake and it is almost impossible not to act on the headphones while pulling them out of the ears. Here the stems come in handy which are a great help in handling and adjusting the cuff in the right position.

PaMu Slide: Full Wireless Headphones That Also Recharge The Smartphone

The right earpiece allows you to answer calls, play or pause music with one touch, change tracks or stop the call with two touches and increase the volume with a long touch. The left earpiece allows you to perform the same operations with the difference that the double touch allows you to activate the voice assistant (Siri on iPhone or Google Assistant on Android) and the extended touch to decrease the volume.

The interaction after a few minutes of exercise becomes very simple and accurate, the only thing to do with the habit is to adjust the volume so the finger should rest gently on the earpiece to prevent it from being perceived as a single touch.

How do they sound?

As mentioned in the opening we tried them for about 15 days and we must say that at first they had disappointed us a little for the reproduction of the highs that seemed rather “mixed” … after two or 3 days they actually looked like “open” resulting however still a little “frankly” and that is slightly artificial in the sounds of hi-hats and cymbals.

It is useless to expect from headphones in ear that lean on the earpiece performances on the bass equal to the over ear models and above all personally we prefer to wear this type of earphones without inserting them with a lot of pressure in the ear to have a minimum of contact with the environment above all during walks and trekking. With these two premises we must say that the sound of the Pamu Scrolls seemed extremely balanced and pleasant with a propensity to reproduce songs where the middle frequencies are the masters: Pop music, acoustics, with guitars and voices in the foreground.

Thanks to the reduced weight and to this never tiring sound we have to say that the comfort of listening is absolutely rewarding: we used them on the train and on the plane without any effort even after a prolonged listening of 3 hours. Good listening to movie soundtracks and help with immersive games.

In addition to this the stability in the ear is impressive … there are never any exits from the auricle even during outdoor activities or even in some turbulent air travel.

If we consider that it is full wireless for 10 hours (multiplied by 6 thanks to the case) and from the cost of 42 Euro we say that the price / performance ratio is absolutely satisfactory.

The case that recharges (even the phone)

Equipped with Pamu Scrool there are two types of enclosures always from 2000mAh: the basic version simply takes care of recharging the headphones and has enough autonomy to do it 6 times for a total of 60 hours that will put you in safety even in a long transoceanic journey with several transhipments and almost a week of holidays.

With an extra 18 euros you can have the version that also charges your mobile: the shape is the same and in our model on the back of the case you can find both the USB-C socket (a remarkable plus as we now have a whole series of this type) that a button that is pressed twice turns a white light around and turns the box into a wireless charger that can recharge your smartphone in times of emergency or if you want to prolong listening to your songs. It is up to you to decide how to manage the remaining battery between charging your headphones or your music source.

It must be said that the case is a bit oversized compared to the competition: its thickness highlights it in the pockets of jeans and makes it advisable to carry it rather in the pockets of a backpack. In addition, the surface of contact with the phone being charged is quite limited given the curvature of the back of the case itself: it is not easy to hold it upright while traveling by train.


Pamu scroll seems to us a well balanced product not exempt from some defect of youth. The introductory price is absolutely convenient if you want to take the “backer” risk and know the pros and cons of this type of purchase. We have also used smartphone recharging in a moment of emergency (you arrive at the station and you can’t show your e-ticket because the phone is unloaded) and honestly for 18 euros more we consider it a gadget that is worth what it costs.
We will see in the next phase of the launch if the price will remain competitive: obviously the “full” price of 199 Euros is absolutely out of scale.


Value for money, balanced sound, speed and ease of Bluetooth pairing, also excellent for sports activities.


Aggressive Bluetooth combination, considerable dimensions of the charging box

Retail price

To access the offer, refer to this page on the indiegogo website. The current price for the first backers is 44 euros for the basic version and 62 euros for the version with wireless charging.


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