PaMu Slide: The Best TWS Headphones That People Most Wanted

Pamu slide is the best TWS bluetooth headset today. Ideal for both iPhone and Apple. Pairing with Bluetooth version 5.0, preventing connection drops and delay video and sound.

The PaMu brand already comes in its third version of wireless headphones with the PaMu Slide, with the promise of overcoming brands like Samsung and Apple. The handset has amazing design, being ergonomic, making it easy to fit and isolate and not falling as you move, even in physical activity.

Pamu Slide Converge All That is Needed for a Bluetooth Earphones

The cool thing about this phone is its battery capacity: 10 hours of autonomy and + 60 HOURS of battery in his own box, which serves as its portable carrying and charger, so you are never in hand.

It has touch control on both headphones. On the right handset, one-touch pause and play songs, with two consecutive taps you advance to the next song. Also, if you touch and hold, the volume increases.

In the left earphone, with one touch you also play and pause the songs, and with two touches you activate the voice assistant. Also, if you hold down the ringtone, it lowers the volume.

Accompany toast the own rigid CASE pro phone, for you to keep with you wherever you go.


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