PaMu Slide TWS Earphones Received

For the first time in my life, I tried crowdfunding in Indiegogo and I was a bit worried about it on the internet.

The delivery was completed and I received it today. Huafufu …I feel good, and I do not see the article about this thing yet, so I will leave this opening.
I have been using the QCY-T1 for a while now, and I am sure that the water resistant is good .. but .. but if there is something better, there is something better. Airpot is good, but price is main, so it is good to be out of the goodness of the common earphone.

Then the pamu scrolls? I remember that it was quite unique design …
At the right time, Indiegogo advertises that Pamu is funding a new earphone. If you look at the specifications, this is what this price is for this performance, you do not have to think about anything else !!! As soon as you start to fund your thoughts, just finish your funding ..
I bought Pamu Slide +. I bought it for about $ 70 at a discount of 65% on the current Indiegogo(I started funding and bought it in the first 3 days and received a free $ 15 case for preference). There is a $ 49 Pamu Slide, which is a bit more expensive because my case contains wireless charging function.

Well, for some reason it was so clean and well funded. I feel good!

Extremely personal review:

  • Advantages
  1. It’s not a particularly delicate piece of rock, but it certainly seems to support the bass better than the previous ones. It fits well with my taste
  2. This ear has a slightly longer vertical form, but it should be said that it is better than the round form, but it is more comfortable to the ear than the rounded one. -> It does not fall out of my ears just like my ear!
  3. The explanation is basically 10 hours playback … A monster
  4. The case has a wireless charger function and it is 2000mAh. It is good for emergency use
  5. The man is black. In the form of resembling a pot, the inlay is black.
  • Disadvantages
  1. Completeness is much better than expected, but the slide seems to be slightly weaker on the slide too … It rattles to the left and right. If you use it for a long time, it will fail.
  2. There was a small scratch on the earphone .. ㅡ ㅡ Nice neat, but disappointed.
  3. The QCY-T1 can be put in the front pocket of the case and jeans, but it is a little too big to fit in the pocket. It will be a little difficult to write comfortably.
  4. Touch control is a little sensitive. You should get used to it.
  5. Move to previous song during touch function … This function is not available. haha


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