Raised $6 Million on Crowdfunding, What’s So Great About PaMu Slide

In 2019, true wireless earphones are getting more and more popular in the market. Major manufacturers are spared no effort in researching and developing the new generation TWS headphones. From wired to wireless, headphones have always played a important roles in our lives. The smartphone’s screen ratio and appearance improvement have also made true wireless Bluetooth headsets that slowly replaces wired headsets.


From the packaging, the PaMu Slide TWS headphone is packaged in a white cardboard box. It’s battery and the earbuds pictures are displayed on the surface of the box, and Qualcomm and aptX are marked on it too.

After opening the package, PaMu Slide adopts a symmetrical lid-shaped design with left and right opening and closing. On the left side of the inside box is the instructions for using PaMu Slide, and the product promotion diagram is on the right side. The headphones body, charging box and accessories are placed in the middle. At first glance, it is full of quality.

Charging Box

First of all, let’s take a look at the charging box. The design of the box is also very chic. The surface is a grid-like curtain design. It feels good to the touch. The surface is printed with the pamu logo. The dark gray woven material is not plastic.

PaMu Slide TWS Earphones Received

Under the top curtain of the box cover are 4 LED lights representing different power levels. Different power levels display different numbers of LED lights, which is very intuitive. At the same time, this LED light will be lit when charging the box or charging the headphones. It turns off naturally at about 10S, which makes it easy to distinguish the power remain and working status of the box.

On the side of the box are the USB port and the prower key. The PaMu Slide uses the popular type-c port charging method, which is different from most other headsets on the market. PaMu Slide adopts the Slide-out design for the box for the first time.

The PaMu Slide is also relatively strong in power, supports up to 60 hours of battery life, and uses the latest Qualcomm QCC3020 flagship chip to greatly reduce power consumption. The headset can be used for about 10 hours in a fully charged, and the charging box can fully charge both ears 5 times more in a fully charged state.


PaMu Slide uses noise reduction technology.Both headsets can intelligently reduce noise. The task of the main microphone is to pick up the sound waves of the voice and maintain stable and clear. The auxiliary microphone acts as a physical active noise cancellation, even In noisy cities.

In terms of sound quality, PaMu Slide supports wireless HIFI sound quality. It uses a 6mm dynamic coil speaker design and a special composite diaphragm unit technology. It is also a masterpiece of PaMu brand tuners. It has created numerous IMAX theaters through numerous polishing Class stereo effect, rich sound, round, delicate, in the sound quality to achieve a strong low-frequency shock, full mid-range human voice, high-frequency clear and thorough, the three-band performance of the natural connection without frequent uncomfortable sound quality.

The sound quality can be used to match most of the other on the market. The picture above is an icon test provided by the laboratory. Performs very well on the intermediate frequency and does not want to go up and down on the high frequency.

PaMu Slide Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones, using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the signal transmission speed is faster and less delayed, which solves the problem of signal delay after the headset is adapted to the mobile phone, the delay is greatly reduced, and the compatibility is greatly improved. Compared with the previous generation signal transmission, it has increased by 24%, delayed stability has increased by 30%, and compatibility has increased by 50%. Better experience when going out for leisure.


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