Reviews: PaMu Slide TWS Headphones from Padmate

Padmate was founded in 2011, focused on Bluetooth devices and smart hardware development, relying on its Parent Group’s own 30,000 square meters factory and seventeen years of experience focused on the Bluetooth device ODM, Keep rolling new and interesting hardware. In this age we live in, smart devices become wireless is taken for granted. There should be more professional people to make it easier for everyone to use smart hardware. This is what Padmate is doing. We want to let more people can experience the magic of smart Bluetooth devices by technology.

Reviews: PaMu Slide TWS Headphones from Padmate

The packaging box is made of paper material, and it is an environmentally friendly magnetic opening and closing method. Open the box and you can see the main body of the product is dimly inside. PaMu slide offers 6 pairs of eartips in different sizes, USB cable, headphones storage bag, and user manuals.

PaMu Slide is divided into two parts, the charging case and two headphones. It surprised me not only with crowdfunding data from the Indiegogo platform, but also with the charging box of PaMu Slide. It reminds me of the slider phone that has been gone for a long time and has been popular all over the world in the pass. Double-click the power button to perform wireless charging for mobile phones or other devices.

The charging box can offer 5 more time fully charge for the pamu slide, and the headphones itself can be used continuously for 10 hours, so totally 60 hours.

The two headsets do not have physical buttons, and the operation is entirely based on the touch area. The advantage of having no physical buttons is that they are integrated and waterproof, and the touch operation is very simple.

Left ear:

  • Touch once: Pause pause, call answer;
  • Twice: Wake up voice assistant, call rejection;
  • Long press: Volume decrease.

Right ear:

  • Touch once: Pause pause, call answer;
  • Two consecutive touch: Next song, call rejection;
  • Long press: Volume up.
PaMu Slide: Full Wireless Headphones That Also Recharge The Smartphone

The incoming call is very convenient to hang up, including listening to music, awakening the voice assistant, and increasing or decreasing the volume. The only thing missing is the previous song, which may not be acceptable to some listeners, but I’m fine.

There are two microphones on each earbud, one recognizes the voice information, and the other on the top plays a physical active role to eliminate noise. Two copper conductive contacts ensure the efficiency of conduction, and Type-C charging design makes PaMu Slide charge very quickly. The headphones only takes about 1.5 hours for a fully charged, and the charging box takes about 3 hours for a fully charge.

PaMu Slide adds reverse charging function, and a wireless charging transmitter is added inside, which can wirelessly charge mobile phones. Just double-click the button on the side of the charging box, the indicator light is on when it turn on the wireless charging mode.

PaMu Slide TWS Earphones Received


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