Silky-soft hands and feet with paraffin

Our hands and feet are the limbs that suffer the most from climate change or our work. Hands are exposed to different chemicals that we use on a daily basis, whether for personal use or on a professional level. The feet are not spared, during the winter they are totally enclosed either in boots or shoes, they are only very poorly hydrated which causes dry feet and cracked heels.

In recent years, the use of Paraffin for beauty treatments has increased. In the beauty sector, it is used for the manufacture of lipstick, moisturizers, deodorants, colognes among others, its moisturizing properties which restores softness, shine and strength to your skin. Paraffin acts on the skin as a protective film that traps moisture in the inner layers of the skin, allowing it to deeply hydrate.

Paraffin treatment for hands and feet is very simple to perform:

  • First clean hands and/or feet
  • Apply a moisturizer, before the treatment, wait until the cream is completely absorbed.
  • Melt paraffin at a temperature of 45 to 55 degrees minimum 45 minutes before treatment.
  • Once the Paraffin is melted and it is at 45 degrees, you can start the treatment.
  • Apply it on the hands and/or feet, you have two possibilities:
  • Submerge them directly in the basin of the Paraffin heater, separating your fingers well so that the paraffin can treat all the areas.
  • By using a brush, you apply the sufficient quantity in order to cover the hands and/or the feet with a thick layer to treat in depth.
  • Wrap hands and/or feet in plastic bags provided for this purpose then in sponge gloves and/or sponge slippers for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Once the time has elapsed, remove the slippers and/or gloves, the plastic bags and the Paraffin. It is very easy to remove, you will notice your soft and luminous skin.

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