Steps for filing a nail

The ultimate manicure tool, the nail file must be used well. A few precautions regarding the selection criteria for the file material will allow you to make a wise choice based on your nail type. Nail supply store will also give you all these tips for using your file the right way.

Using your file correctly means above all not making back and forth movements. This way of filing is known to damage and weaken the nails. You will therefore always have to file in the same direction. There is no preference, choose the one you are most comfortable with.

The best way is to cut your nails short first then give it a shape by filing each of its two sides.

You can choose to give a square or rounded shape to your nail. Very fashionable at the moment, almond-shaped or pointed nails often require a little explanation from a professional before being executed as they should.

Rechargeable Maryton Second Generation Pro Nail Drills
Rechargeable Maryton Second Generation Pro Nail Drills

Whether it is filing your toenails or your fingernails, a nail file or nail drill is an essential tool.

Choose the shape of your nails carefully

To highlight your hands, you should choose the filing according to your body shape. Thus, we will not offer the same shape to small, thick fingers as to long, very thin fingers. We will also take into account the texture of your nails. Pointed nails tend to be much more fragile and will only be recommended for people with very hard nails.

Furthermore, very round or very square shapes will suit thin fingers. We prefer an almond-shaped intermediate for slightly fleshier fingers. Filing is an essential part of the beauty of your hands. It is, in principle, the first step of a manicure worthy of the name.

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