Steps to do little red heart manicure

With spring just around the corner, little red heart manicures not only look fun, but they’re also perfectly in line with the season. Today, let’s learn the steps of little red heart manicure.

1. Before you start, always wash your hands and prep your nails with a mini manicure.

2. Apply a layer of Base on the nails. Let it dry for about 30 seconds.

3. Apply 1 coat of Natural Beauty color and cure for 30 seconds under the LED lamp.

4. Use the Red color and the Decorating Tool to paint a dot at the base of each nail and gently pull upwards to create the heart arches. Catalyze for 30 seconds under the LED lamp.

5. Finish your nail art by applying the Finish and cure it for 30 seconds under the LED lamp.

6. Remove sticky residue from nails for flawless shine.

OK! It is recommended that you use gentle manicure sets to prepare your nails. If you don’t have nail tools, you can visit our nail supply store.

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