The 6 Best Coats for Shorties

The pros of being petite are many. For starters, you can pretty much wear any heel height and never have to worry about being taller than your gentleman friend. The cons, however, include the difficulty of finding clothing that doesn’t drag on the floor but actually fits your arms. The most challenging is outerwear. Here are six flattering womens coats and jackets tailored to fit our fellow shorties.

1. A Belted Duster

Rule number one: A belt is your best friend. Cinching in the waist – particularly with a thicker coat or jacket – does wonders for a smaller frame.

2. A Sleek Cocoon Shape

That’s not to say you can’t pull off less-fitted styles. Just make sure the fabric isn’t too bulky and the details are minimal (so maybe pass on the sequins or loud patterns for this shape).

3. A Subtle A-Line

Petite ladies are already familiar with the flattering powers of an A-line skirt or dress. The same goes for coats. A slight swing shape gives the illusion of length, while a touch of embellishment on top draws the eyes upward.

4. A Cropped Trench

Shrunken and belted is a foolproof combo for shorties with sophisticated style.

5. A Cropped Fur

A bit of faux fur offers warmth and is a much chicer option than, say, a dowdy ladies puffer jacket for a night out on the town. Just keep yours on the fitted side to avoid looking like Big Bird.

6. A Slim Puffer

But if you do get a womens down jacket (they’re a necessity in some regions), opt for something that’s slim-cut and hits above the knee so you don’t venture into marshmallow territory.


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