The Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

True technological innovation, rechargeable hearing aids simplify your life. No more checking the batteries and replacing them! Yorksound presents this new solution for hearing aid.

If the wearing of hearing aid amplifiers can regain the pleasure of re-hearing , their use is sometimes perceived as constraining: it is necessary to regularly check the batteries and replace them. A lack of vigilance, and you are deprived of hearing aid time to order and receive your new batteries. Moreover, with a duration of use of between 10 and 15 days, batteries of hearing aids cause waste and have an impact on the environment. Faced with this, the idea of ​​creating rechargeable hearing aids, such as a mobile phone, tablet or other connected product, was born. These technology concentrates revolutionize the everyday use of hearing aids.

The Yorksound Luna rechargeable hearing aids offer more freedom of use . The operating principle is simple. In the evening, you do not have to turn off your device to save battery life: simply place them on the charger and they recharge during your sleep. A night of charge ensures between one and two days of autonomy . Thanks to the charger, you will realize between 60 and 100 euros of savings per year by removing from your budget the purchase of batteries. Thus, rechargeable hearing aids provide more autonomy in the daily use of a hearing aid. Mini-outlines, these rechargeable hearing aids are also appealing thanks to theirdiscretion and their aesthetics . Adapted to any type of hearing loss, they allow each of us to have access to this new technology.

It is recommended to change the rechargeable batteries every year to benefit from an always effective hearing aid. If you forget to buy new batteries or recharge batteries, you can also use traditional hearing aid batteries . At the end of the life of your rechargeable batteries, consider bringing them back to your hearing care professional or throwing them into specific containers to preserve the planet.


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