The colors cherry red semi-permanent nail polish

An alternative to blood red, semi-permanent cherry red varnish revisits the classic red. This shade gives a more summery and vibrant touch to this tone. If you want a slightly assertive manicure with daring characters, the cherry red semi-permanent varnish offers you an impeccable finish.

In order not to get tired of this color very quickly, it is strongly advised not to insist on the simple application of the semi-permanent varnish. With a manicure kit, you can get involved in nail art and let your creativity run free. French manicure, geometric shape, Aztec patterns, or even glittery, pearly or matte red, it is possible to decline cherry red in an infinite number of possibilities.

Cherry red is also a very feminine and daring shade. It is a color that evokes glamour, elegance, love and passion. You can adopt it for your hands or your feet especially since with the semi-permanent, you will benefit from an exceptional shine. Chic and bewitching, this shade lends itself to all styles and looks.

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