The importance of cleaning and disinfecting nail tools

To guarantee everyone’s safety and well-being, nail technicians should systematically clean, disinfect and sterilize their tools. Why is it really important? Let’s see it all together!

Most of the instruments used by nail technicians are not disposable. Instruments used on different people quickly become breeding grounds for the proliferation of germs or bacteria, which will then spread. The hands, like the feet, are parts of the body that are easily exposed to external aggressions. The nails, in particular, constitute an advantageous zone for the development of microbes. These can then cause skin and nail diseases!

The cleaning, disinfection and sterilization process is therefore very important. Remember to disinfect your products and your premises after each customer visit. You will also need to wash and disinfect your hands before each pose to avoid transmitting germs to your clients.

Our Maryton are not only committed to producing effective and quality products but also offer you disposable manicure and pedicure sets. With the existence of these tools, I believe it can greatly reduce the workload of nail technicians.

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