The Latest Celebrity Hair Trend Will Totally Change Your Routine

From beach waves to glam waves, we have pretty much been obsessing over how to get the perfect textured look for a while now, but there is a good chance that it may be time to dust the cobwebs off your good ol’ flat iron and reintroduce straight hair to your a.m. routines once again. Only this time, we’re not talking about the stick straight Victoria Beckham bob, but a new and improved, voluminous, soft way to rock straight hair.

At this past weekend’s Teen Choice Awards, we spotted our favorite celebrities sporting slicker ‘dos like Bella Throne’s almost-wavy locks, Rita Ora’s stick straight hair with soft rounded ends and Nina Dobrev’s voluminous-but-straight side part, so we think it’s officially time to call it a trend — and jump right in on it. Grab your flat irons and get ready to refresh your hair-straightening game with a totally modern twist in just four steps.


Use a dry shampoo throughout your roots to absorb any oils and to provide a better texture and volume. Kelly is using Goldwell Ultra Volume Touch Up Dry Shampoo ($18). Let sit for a minute and then shake your fingers throughout your roots and hair to help the product blend a bit.


One of the tricks to getting flawlessly straight hair is to work with sub-sections starting from the bottom and working your way up to the top of your head. Pull out the bottom section and then clip the rest up.


Before using heat on your hair, it’s always smart to use a heat protector. In this case, we’re using KMS California Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Seal ($20), which is a great way to create a protective barrier on your hair. Plus, it leaves your hair with a soft light sheen to it.


Get *More* Volume: Start at the roots of your hair and overdirect your strands, or pull your hair in an up and over motion to create a little lift at the root for volume.

Straighten: Use a comb to follow the movement of your flat iron. This will help keep your hair lifted in the position, as well as give it added volume and reinforce the smoothing from the heat of your flat iron (not to mention protect your fingers from the heat that your hair has after being in contact with the iron).

Follow Through: When you get to the ends of your hair, give your ends a soft little bend to round out your hair and follow with the comb. This will give you that soft, subtle finish that has more of a modern vibe as opposed to stick straight hair.


Continue to pull down subsections of hair to work with until you are done. Finish off with the front of your hair around your face making sure to give it a little extra roundness to frame your face softly.

Even if you are going to style your hair in an updo, this is a great way to prep your hair so it’s completely polished but still has little volume and shape. Keep in mind that depending on the texture of your hair, you may need to vary the size of your subsections of hair you work with. If you have really fine hair, you can take bigger sections; if your hair is full or thick, then work with much thinner sections to have better control and a more through straightening effect.

Now that your flat iron is out again, what are your favorite hairstyles or hair hacks you can do with your flat iron? Share in the comment section below!



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