The Things about Round Nails

Round nails: How to wear them and which are the most suitable fingers for a rounded shape? Which colors would be better to prefer? Let’s see it together in this new article dedicated to the beauty of our hands!

Round nails are often worn on both short and medium length nails. They are particularly appreciated by women who carry out manual work or  prohibit too showy and colorful. This shape is characterized by a rounded free edge, devoid of edges and is always rather harmonic and delicate.

Round nails look good on girls who have slightly stubby, short or in any case not tapered fingers. In fact, this choice proves to be a winner especially when you are lucky enough to have a bit of length, as it creates an optical effect that stretches the hand.

How to wear rounded nails?

Rounded nails are also particularly suitable when you want to regrow the margin more quickly. In fact, this shape being devoid of “edges”, makes lateral chipping less frequent. Similarly for those with very long nails, the round or oval shape will help keep the manicure perfect, avoiding breakage on the corners.

For those who wear “round nails”, there are no big problems related to color: any nail polish is good on this type of nails and there are no particular restrictions related to the nuance to choose. Depending on your tastes, you can play with super bright, neutral shades, opt for a beautiful fiery red or choose an elegant and mysterious black.

How to file round nails?

Round nails are very easy to make, just shorten the edge to the desired length and then start grinding the corners with a medium-grain file. I recommend use the glass one, in order not to create micro-fractures that could lead to flaking during regrowth. Once the corners are rounded, proceed by moving the arch file to create the rounded edge and that’s it!

What do you think about round nails? How do you usually wear them?  All that remains is to invite you to try and wish you a good manicure! If you want to get know more of nail beauty supply, take a look at our Maryton.

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