Wart on the hand: causes and treatments

Less known than warts on the feet, warts on the hand can be cause for concern. However, they are benign and easy to treat. This blog will  explain their causes and how to eliminate them.

What are the causes of warts on the hand?

Warts are usually caused by infection with a virus from the papillomavirus family. Like most viruses, this one is highly contagious. It is most commonly transmitted through skin-to-skin contact and in moist environments. Indeed, any object that has been in contact with the skin can contribute to the transmission of warts.

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What are the treatments and recommendations to avoid warts on the hand?

Surprisingly, warts usually go away on their own after a year or two! However, if they bother you aesthetically, are itchy, or are painful, there are several treatment options. The most common treatment is cold therapy. The principle is simple: burn the wart so that it comes off. The skin only has to heal, and the wart is gone!

If you want to treat a wart in your child or if you are sensitive to the slight burning sensation, you can also ask your pharmacist or your doctor to prescribe a cream against warts, which will act a little less quickly but just as effectively.

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