What are the differences between nail primer and base?

Nail primer is a product applied to the natural nail before applying nail polish, gel or acrylic. Its consistency can vary from a clear liquid to a gel, depending on the brand and type. But, what are the differences between nail primer and base? Keep reading, Maryton will give you answers.

Although nail primer and base coat may seem similar, they serve distinct purposes. The primer is specifically formulated to prepare the nail surface by creating optimal adhesion between the natural nail and the product applied on top. In other words, it allows your manicure to stay in place, without chipping or peeling, for a long time.

The nail base is applied after the primer and serves as a protector for the natural nail against coloring or damage that the varnish could cause. It can also help smooth out nail imperfections, providing a more even surface for polish application.

The primer, on the other hand, is strictly focused on improving adhesion and preparing the nail for better hold of the product applied afterwards. In other words, the primer prepares, while the base protects.

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