What colors of varnish to choose according to the season?

Change your nail polish every season!

Like lipstick, the color of nail polish – which has also become a fashion accessory – adapts to the changing seasons.

Spring and summer are times to have fun with colors. So, why not dare blue or yellow?

Otherwise, in recent years, opaque white has become a summer staple. As well as pastel shades – pink, blue, green – for light skin or conversely fluorescent, coral and orange which particularly flatter tanned skin.

In winter, dark shades – which will contrast with the often paler skin – are to be preferred: purples, plums or black reds. The end of the year celebrations are also a good occasion to bring out the glittery nail polish.

All year round: Nudes and red variations are – like lipstick – shades that are easy to wear in all seasons.

We recommend that you use the manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of varnish.

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