What electrical equipment to start as a nail technician?

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To start your business as an independent nail technician, you need to offer yourself the perfect manicure kit. In this article, you’ll learn about the electrical equipment you need to be a nail technician. Just keep reading!

As a nail expert, you need electrical devices:

  • A UV or LED device: allows the drying of semi-permanent varnish or nail art, the hardening of gel and acrylic for the application of false nails.
  • A nail drill machine: it saves precious time and offers an incomparable quality of work. The nail drill is equipped with several interchangeable bits allowing you to achieve a perfect Russian manicure, to shape the gel or to apply semi-permanent varnish.
  • As an option, an electric table vacuum cleaner to suck up nail dust and residues of varnish and false nails. A dust brush can also perform this function by ridding the nails of fine particles.

Electrical equipment has a cost at first, but the return on investment is quick given the number of services that can be performed with them.

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