What is Pamu Slide Bring to the Table to Make Them Unique? And Are They Worth Your Time?

Alright guys, so I want to recommend a best wireless in ear headphones that I think are kind of unique. Because I think we’ve reached a point that there are so many truly wireless earbuds. If you want your product to stand out, you kind of have to offer something different, because if you don’t have that, Apple logo or Samsung’s name behind it or Beats or something like that, most people won’t pay any attention to you, because it’s not as marketed as some of those other companies. But the one thing to think about when looking at these products is to find out if these are actually useful or are they more just gimmick, is just something that they’re offering to stand out but not something that’s really useful.

And this product is a very unique, this is the PaMu Slide, you guys are probably saying I’ve never heard of that company, that’s exactly where I was at when they reached out. They were the ones that also had the PaMu scroll it’s a little case that kind of rolled out to keep your earbuds in, and right now this is simply just an IndieGoGo campaign, these aren’t actually available to buy and to be honest I don’t even know the price of these that were sent to me. I don’t know the price but I do know all the details and I do know that they sound amazing. They do have bluetooth 5.0 as well, and these actually use the Qualcomm qcc 3020 and that’s a newer chip which is giving you really incredible connection. And the fact that, both of these are bluetooth 5.0, you can know that you’re gonna watch youtube videos, netflix and stuff like that. Don’t have to worry about lag again, that is really important with truely wireless earbuds. Them, the IP X 6 water-resistant, again neither one of these are waterproof, but both of these earbuds that you can use while working out or if water kind of splashes on them, you don’t have to freak out, they will still work. The one thing I do like about these is, yes, they do have the air pod look with the stem, um but everything is touch control, it’s no physical buttons, you’re not actually pushing and jamming these into your ear. It’s very very simple to use, you just pop them in and you’re good to go. It really does have the air pod type feel, but it gives you a better seal, because of the way these fit into your ear. So it’s doing a good job of isolating and kind of blocking everything else out around you.

This one does charge with a USB, so that right Wynn’s brownie points, right off the bat with me. Now the cool thing about this and another thing that’s really something unique. This isn’t the feature for these but the earbuds themselves get around 10 hours of battery life before you need to charge them in a case. The case is going to charge them an additional five times so you’re going to get roughly 60 hours of battery life before you even need to charge the case. You can see the case itself is kind of thick, so it’s adding some bulk but that’s where the battery comes in, and I think that is more than a fair trade-off to be able to get a really good battery life out of truly wireless earbuds, just to add a little bit of bulk. These silicone tips that come on these, I did notice that it picks up lint and stuff very easily. So I spent a lot of time just kind of cleaning them off. But that’s just because I’m kind of picky with that. Most people may not care but that is something I do want to point out. Both earbuds on these do work independently, so if you just want to use the right ear you can or if you just want to use the left ear you can, and you don’t have to worry about only having the right one to be able to use. The sound on these is very very clean, the base is present, but it does not overpower and it doesn’t distort. I think the fact that these don’t get really loud is also playing into the fact that the base and the volume doesn’t cause them to distort. They do have a little bit more punchy err base than the Fightin’s do, but again both of these are really tight, they’re not an overly warm sounding pair of earbuds, both are really clean and crisp. But if you like a little bit more punch in your sound, the pamu slide from padmate does a great job of that.

What is Pamu Slide Bring to the Table to Make Them Unique? And Are They Worth Your Time?

Alright, so what makes this pair stand out, first of all, let’s look at the fact that, the case just slides and it looks really really cool. And if you take the earbuds out and put them in, you can see that the battery indicator is on this front like mesh screen and again you know it’s just cosmetic but it is something that stands out, and I think it looks really cool. On the back you see the little power button, if you press this twice it’ll turn the case on which you can turn upside down, and then you can put your phone on the back of it, and use this as a wireless charging, is pretty much in all the new flagship phones. A lot of people that use their truly wireless earbuds also knowing that it’s killing your battery at the same time on your phone, so if you’re at your desk or let’s say you’re on a plane, and you’re using your earbuds you can simply just put them on the back of this case, you can wirelessly charge your phone while you’re using the earbuds, that is really convenient, and actually I think is a huge advantage over a lot of truly wireless earbuds. Because battery life you don’t want to kill your phone, but you do want to listen to your music. Now that will drain the battery from the case, so that 50 to 60 hour total that you’re getting if you’re going to use the back for wireless charging. Do know that you’re not gonna get that many cycles of charging before you have to charge the case, so that is the pamu slide the “slide” name comes from, The case as you can see it just simply slides at the top. Again, I don’t have a price for this, but I do know that I have enjoyed using these a lot, about the sound, I love the convenience of the case, I like the way that these fit, both of these are excellent pair of truely wireless earbuds. Again, most people are not gonna hear about and if they didn’t offer these unique features, it would be one of those that is really hard for you to stumble on. So I wanted to tell you guys about these products, the financing coming in at 140 dollars. I really would like that to be somewhere between a hundred and a hundred and twenty, if I were to put a price on the pamu slide, I would also say, this one could probably be somewhere between 100 to 120 dollars. And I would feel good recommending the best wireless headphones at that price range.


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