What nail polish color should you choose this fall?

In the fall, the landscape is adorned with pretty warm colors that make us want to do the same on our fingertips. But, what nail polish color should you choose this fall? The Maryton nail supply will elaborate in the following article. You will know everything below!

1. Earthy shades

Earthy tones are particularly popular for dressing up our nails in the fall. These sober, but warm and elegant colors have the great advantage of matching all styles. In addition, there are many earth-colored autumnal varnish shades: from anthracite gray to clay, through ocher, brown, brown and orange tones or even khaki green!

2. Nude nails

Fall or not, nude nails have been a must have for many years. Know that nude nails will bring softness and harmony to all your outfits. This tone comes in different versions that should be chosen according to your skin tone. Opt for shades of light beige, pink or matte peach if you have fair skin.

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3. Black polish

A black polish will look great in the fall. It will give a stylish and sophisticated side to all your outfits. But beware, black is not suitable for all skin types, but rather for fairly dark skin tones. If, on the other hand, you have very pale skin, we advise you to avoid this shade.

4. Dark green

Green is now on our nails this fall. But, you still have to select the right shade of green. For this, it is dark green that will be favored to recall the green of nature and accompany your walks in the forest. This shade can go well with a military jacket, a mustard dress and all your golden jewelry.

You now know which varnish color to choose this fall. If you hesitate in front of a shade that makes you want, simply rely on the colors of nature. As instruments to the manicure, we offer you lots of manicure sets. If you prefer disposable products you will also find them on our nail supply store online.

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