What We’re Looking Forward to Most About Fall Style

Much as we’re sad to see summer go, we’re also really looking forward to fall: the steaming cups of coffee, the brisk air, the leaves crunching underfoot — and the cozy styles of autumn. Here are some of the things we’re most excited to get into as the weather turns cooler.

1. Boots. It’s been nice traipsing about the summer streets in espadrilles and slipping into easy sandals, there’s something to be said for the bundled-up feel of a solid boot.

2. Jackets. Out with the right to bare arms and in with the wrapped-up feel of a nice ladies jacket.

3. Scarves. A super-stylish and easy way to layer onto your lighter tops.

4. Closed-toe shoes. We’ll be putting the money we save on skipping the pedicures toward great strappy pumps like these, which can be worn with tights when things get a little chillier.

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5. Darker colors. Brights have been so much fun, especially to pair with a slight tan, but now that the tan is fading, we look forward to donning darker colors (both in clothes and on our faces).

6. The continued ease of a jumpsuit. Transition your favorite summer onesies into fall by layering them over a tee or long-sleeve, fitted top.

7. Tights. Goodbye, shaving every day, hello stylish leg gear!

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