Why are nails flaking or flaking?

We all know the nails are very important, because they are a source of pleasure on an aesthetic level both personally and for the people who look at us. Due to wrong habits or inadequate and aggressive cosmetic products, the structure of the nails is damaged. In this article, I will tell you about 8 reasons that can lead to nail flaking. Many are very peculiar and you probably weren’t aware of them. Read on to discover them all!

1) The superficial filing / lateral filing: these two practices are both reasons for damage to the nails. Overdoing the superficial part and the sides could lead to the weakening of the nails and their flaking without forgetting. Moreover, in this way it is easier for bacteria and / or fungi to sneak in causing possible infections (onychomycosis ).

2) Poor hydration: drinking a little is not only bad for the rest of the body, but also for the nails themselves! A correct and continuous intake of water can make them always be healthy and beautiful, and reducing the risk of them falling apart. It is also recommended to use a valid cream with a specific moisturizing effect for this area or a nourishing oil on the nails.

3) Little attention to cuticles: when we talk about beauty and nail care,  cuticles are also very important. However, if you eliminating them by yourself or use the unconventional methods, it can cause weakening of the nails. It is advisable to use the professional nail supplies, such as cuticle cutters, or cosmetic products with similar action such as cuticle remover gels.

4) Wrong removal of the gel: the gel for nail reconstruction, if removed incorrectly, can cause the surface to alter and make it thinner. It is best to have the removal operation carried out by a specialized nail technician.

5) Remove the nail polish by scratching it: it is certainly beautiful to indulge yourself on the nails with various colors and create multiple nail art, but we must not forget to pay attention to how the nail polish will then be removed. It is absolutely not recommended to remove the enamel by scratching it or blasting it off with your teeth, because in this way you risk damaging the protective surface that covers the nails.

6) Using household products without protection: this is one of the major causes of nail flaking, because many of the products that are used for normal house cleaning and over time they could lead to their flaking. The use of gloves is always recommended during housework.

7) Use the nails as “tools”: we all often find ourselves removing or scratching something with our nails or using them to open containers. This way of using your nails is very wrong, because forcing them to do this type of work can weaken them, even break them. So when we have to carry out operations of this type, it is better to do it with suitable tools for the purpose.

8) Nail biting: a habit common to many people, which is used as a method to dissolve tension or stress. Unfortunately it has an opposite effect on the nails, because the fact of nibbling them, could in the long run weaken them, lead to infections and altering their right shape.

Have you ever suffered from this problem? How did you solve? Hoping to have been helpful. I wish you can try to fix it and show off a dream manicure!

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